People have been coming to Porto Seguro for over 500 years, since Cabral 'discovered' it. Join them and discover its excellent beaches, its exciting nightlife and rich cultural heritage.Porto Seguro`s friendly people will take you to their hearts and you will want to return again and again.

With good air links from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports via Sao Paulo or Salvador, it is easy to get to Porto Seguro.

One of the most popular areas at night is on the riverfront. At night it is called the Passarela do Álcool.
The Passarela is lined on one side by restaurants with a huge range of different dishes from all over the world to choose from and on the other by souvenir stalls and bars selling the famous 'Capeta' and caiparinhas. Close by is the 'port' of Porto Seguro. There is a thriving market here selling locally caught fish and seafood. Get here early to get the best catch.

Here you can also get the 'Balsa' the car ferry across the Buranhém river. This runs 24 hours a day and at night is busy taking people to the restaurants and bars of Arraial D'Ajuda.

  • Trancoso

    Trancoso is a short drive away

  • 3en

    Take a walk along the beach. Maybe buy a souvenir along the way

  • 2en

    Soak up the sun and grab a beer and some excellent food from one of the many beach bars at Coroa Vermelha

  • 4en

    There is plenty of room to walk or play games at low tide.

Porto Seguro lays claim as the originator of the Lambada, The rhythm originated in the Amazon, was later adopted by Baianos, of Porto Seguro who proceeded to create the steps...and the rest is history!

During the day, Porto Seguro is much more tranquil. Many people just go to the beach with is many kilometres of sand, sea and beach bars. However, there are many quiet spots where a person can sit and watch the world go by with a cold beer or three.

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